Ernst Financial Group

Financial and Insurance Products

Ernst Financial Group provides employee benefits, retirement plans, insurance, and IRA's to Massachusetts residents. When their existing website began to look very outdated, they began looking for a webdesign company. Xillion worked with their copywriters, marketing consultants, and web-hosting company to provide a brand new website that more clearly outlines the unique value propositions and services Ernst brings to their clients. One of the more challenging aspects of the project was to work within a content management system's very small and constrained template to provide a spacious design and unique design.



I worked with Matt as a liaison with his client to help put a new design together within a our web creation program. Because the program is templated, it poses limitations with what you can do with the design of the site as far as customization. Matt is very knowledgeable and worked diligently to push the limits with what we knew the program was capable of...I would highly recommend Matt to anyone looking to create their own website. His expertise is truly invaluable.

Web Production Specialist
Commonwealth Financial Network

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