Desiree Bassett

16-Year Old Guitar Prodigy

Desiree Bassett is a prodigy guitarist who has played with many well-known musicians and at numerous concerts. She had built a website herself, but needed to upgrade her site for a more professional image that would leave the increasing number of visitors with an unforgettable impression. Xillion built her a thirteen-page site with many great features including streaming music, video, a eNewsletter sign-up, online store, animation, photo gallery, and Content Management System.



Xillion was able to take what I was thinking and transform it into a layout with a style, appearance and color that I was looking for even though I was unable to clearly explain my vision. Along the way, they kept me focused on the true purpose of a professionally created web-site, and their suggestions on what to include as well as what not to include were very valuable. They were also very accommodating throughout the process as I added features to the project. My experience has been fantastic, and I would recommend Xillion with no hesitation.


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